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The Heliker-LaHotan Foundation is inaugurating a new program, donating groups of sketchbooks by the important twentieth-century American painter John Heliker to art schools, colleges, universities, and museums, where they can be a resource for art students, teachers, and scholars as well as for the general public.

John Heliker (1909-2000) was a major American modernist who had a retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1968. In a career spanning more than fifty years, Heliker forged his own brand of poetic realism through brilliant painterly investigations of the things he knew best: the Maine landscape, the simplest domestic still life objects, the friends who visited him in his studios in New York and New England.

John Heliker believed that a painter’s practice must be grounded in the fundamental experience of drawing. His own sketchbooks--in which he recorded immediate impressions, distant memories, even passionate dreams—are remarkable works of art that afford us an invaluable opportunity to study the creative process. The Heliker-LaHotan Foundation would like to share this experience by donating groups of sketchbooks to interested institutions.

The Heliker-LaHotan Foundation invites both institutions and individuals with institutional affiliations to contact us about becoming part of The Heliker Sketchbook Project. While the sketchbooks would have to be accessioned by libraries, galleries, and museums which could provide a safe and secure permanent home, it is our hope that they would be used in multiple ways: on display in galleries for the general public; preserved in drawing collections and libraries for study by artists and scholars; as a unique teaching tool for both art instructors and art history instructors to share with their students; and as part of a cross-disciplinary approach to curriculum embraced by instructors in fields ranging from studio art to social and political history.

Please send all inquiries to The Heliker-LaHotan Foundation at foundation@Heliker-LaHotan.org